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Roll Thread and Cut Thread Anchor Bolts for the Construction Industry

Anchor Bolt Threading Processes

When you need Anchor Bolts, we offer two different types of threading processes: Roll threading is a cold forming process where a blank having an outside diameter between the major and minor diameters of the finished thread is rolled between...

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How to Use “J” Hooks Properly - Whitelaw Rigging & Fabrication

How to Use “J” Hooks Properly

“J” hooks are one of the most useful lifting devices available. They can be custom made to work in almost any application or to lift almost any odd shaped or hard to lift object. When using “J” hooks, there are...

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Build Green or Sustainable? - Whitelaw Rigging & Fabrication

Build Green or Sustainable?

The terms Green and Sustainable have become major buzzwords in agriculture, manufacturing, building and architectural industries and are often used interchangeably. But, are they the same thing? And if not, what are the differences? The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of green...

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