Safety Precautions When Using Manganal Hangers

Safety Precautions When Using Manganal Hangers

Special caution must be observed when using Manganal hangers. Manganal hangers do not have the same elongation characteristics as conventional alloy J‐hooks. The same extreme hardness and abrasion resistance that makes Manganal hangers long lasting in blast conditions, reduces the ability of the hanger to deform under load. Always remove from service any hanger that shows deformation.  

Safety Precautions for Manganal Hooks | Steel Lifting Hooks

  • Loads may disengage from hanger if proper procedures are not followed.
  • A falling load may cause serious injury or death.
  • Do not apply more force than the hanger’s Working Load Limit. Manganal hangers are not stamped with WLL or serial number, due to extreme surface hardness.
  • Do not use a stretched or deformed hanger.
  • Do not heat, weld, re‐shape or bend.
  • Make sure load is centered in the bowl of the hanger – never tip‐load or side‐load.
  • Inspect hanger each day before being used and during use as service conditions warrant.
  • Remove from service immediately any hanger that is nicked, worn, cracked, gouged, deformed or damaged in any way.

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