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How to Use “J” Hooks Properly

“J” hooks are one of the most useful lifting devices available. They can be custom made to work in almost any application or to lift almost any odd shaped or hard to lift object.

J Hooks for Lifting

When using “J” hooks, there are some safety factors to keep in mind. Especially if using a hook without a latch.

  • Make sure that your load is completed centered in the bowl of the hook, never tip- or side-loaded.
  • Identify the Working Load Limit (WLL) before attempting to lift the load. Safe lifting means NEVER exceeding the marked working load limit.
  • Never use the hook if it looks deformed or stretched.
  • Never heat, weld, or reshape the bend of the hook. Doing so changes properties of the hook in unknowable ways making it no longer safe to use.
  • Don’t use the hook if you see any areas that are nicked, worn, cracked or gouged.

J Hook Lifting Hooks

Make sure that whoever uses the “J” hook for lifting is properly trained on how to inspect it each day before use and when service conditions warrant it. Using your “J” hooks properly help ensure that they will last a long time.

If in doubt of your “J” hooks capacity or condition, don’t use it. Instead, give Whitelaw Rigging & Fabrication a call at (800) 543-8464. We can either send an inspector out to look at your hooks or we will arrange with you to drop them off at our shop for testing.

Remember, proper procedures and inspections keep your employee’s safe and your lifting hooks in top condition.


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