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How to use "Build-a-Bolt" for Estimates

Whitelaw Rigging is "Home for Custom Hoists, Rigging Supplies and Anchor Bolts." We are a short-run manufacturer of anchor bolts and rigging supplies and a supplier of custom lifting systems.

The Custom part is what makes designing a web site challenging. It's easy (well relatively easy) to present static products on a website, but lets face it: anchor bolts are a custom made product. They are typically engineered to meet the needs of a specific application. So, what we have attempted to do with our "Build-a-Bolt" product is to provide for the maximum number of parameters in terms of bolt diameter, length, thread length, and typical welds.

Build-a-Bolt will provide answers to price, availability, material specification and weight (at cart). Build-a-Bolt is great if you just need to get a quick quote on a few bolts. To get a delivered price, place your selected bolts in the cart and select "Truck Freight". Print off your cart, if you would like a copy of your estimate. Leave your cart open, if you expect to get the order.

Of course, we are always happy to provide a quote on any list or prints you provide. Just email us at

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